5 Ways to Fight Relationship Weight Gain


Spending time with my boyfriend is one of my absolute favorite things to do. However, I know from experience that a happy relationship potentially wrecks havoc on even the best weight-loss plans.

When in love, dopamine — the pleasure principle — is on continuous release. Happy couples tend to focus on quality time that is intimate and slower in pace. We get into a comfortable rhythm of moving less and lying around more.

In theory, dates at the gym could fix this issue. However, I find it hard to stare into my love’s eyes through the sweat and smells of a CrossFit workout. I’ll pass.

Instead, we talk about politics over a breadbasket, watch movies on a comfortable couch or play games and laugh. All, these activities include food at some point. That’s the human condition. When we have a good time, we eat! However, there is little to no activity.

I gained 30 pounds in my last relationship, but I’ve lost more than 80 in my current bond. Sure parts of that relationship were unhealthy, but I’ve found the difference isn’t my mate — it’s me.

5 Ways to Fight Relationship Weight Gain | Akela … – Huffington Post

Author: phreak

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